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Price Of Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services are typically priced based on several factors:

1.Type of Pest Control Service, 2.Size of the Property, 3.Severity of the Infestation,4.Frequency of Service, 5.Type of Treatment Methods, 6. Guarantees or Warranties, 7. Additional services such as inspections, follow-up visits, or ongoing maintenance, 8. Special Offers and Packages.

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Know More About Our Different Packages and Deals

Our Regular Packages

As part of Pest control services in Bangalore we offer standard packages to tackle common household pests like ants, flies, caterpillar, cockroaches, and rodents. However,  we specialize in various bed bugs treatment methods and in rat & mice pest control at homes and business premises.

These packages typically include inspection, targeted treatments, and follow-up visits. Affordable and efficient, they ensure a pest-free home, safeguarding residents from health risks and property damage. 

Pest Inspection & Treatment

  • Professional Pest Inspection includes Visual Examination, Identification of Pest Species, Inspection of Vulnerable Areas, Assessment of Existing Damage, Recommendations for Treatment.
  • Treatments involve safe and effective methods, safeguarding homes from health hazards and structural harm. 
  • If You Book A Pest Control Service With us, Pest Inspection is free for you.

Follow Up Visit

  • We assess the effectiveness of the initial treatment, monitor pest activity, and address any new developments.
  • Based on the inspection findings, adjustments to the treatment plan may be made. This could involve reapplying treatments, sealing entry points, or recommending changes in sanitation practices to prevent pest resurgence.
  • We communicate our findings and recommendations to the property owner or manager during follow-up visits


Ongoing maintenance involves regular, scheduled visits to maintain a pest-free environment over an extended period. It is particularly relevant for properties that are susceptible to recurring pest issues.

We may set up a regular schedule for inspections and preventive treatments. The frequency of these visits depends on factors such as the type of pests, the property’s location, and the level of risk.

Ongoing maintenance often takes into account seasonal variations in pest activity. Different pests may be more prevalent during specific times of the year, and preventive measures are adjusted accordingly.

When you entrust a yearly pest control contract to us in Bangalore, we ensure ongoing maintenance for buildings and house premises. We offer annual maintenance services to hotels, resorts, lodges  restaurants and apartments in gated community.

Our Special Packages

We offer special packages or discounts for bundled services with annual maintenance or for specific seasons.

Monthly Maintenance Plan for Hotel & Resorts Pest Control

9999 Month

Elevate your hotel's standards with our monthly pest control maintenance plan. Sign up for regular visits to address and prevent pest issues. This plan offers ongoing protection against pests, providing a clean and comfortable environment for your guests. Take advantage of this hassle-free solution for continuous pest management.

Monthly Pest Control Subscription for Flats

999 Month

Simplify pest management for your flat or apartment with our Monthly Pest Control Subscription. Enjoy discounted rates on regular pest control services, ensuring ongoing protection against common pests. Sign up for hassle-free, continuous pest management and maintain a pest-free living space.

Seasonal Rat Control Check-Up for Homes and Businesses

8000 Month

Stay ahead of rat infestations with our Seasonal Rat Control Check-Up. Book a seasonal rat control service at a special rate to address and prevent rodent issues unique to each season. Protect your homes, businesses, and warehouses against changing rodent challenges with this cost-effective and timely solution

Lodge Bedbug Eradication Special

9999 Lodge withh min 20 rooms

Maintain a pristine and comfortable experience for your guests! Lodge owners, take advantage of our Bedbug Eradication Special. Schedule a thorough treatment for your lodge at a special discounted rate, ensuring a bedbug-free environment for your guests.

Neighbor Discount for Termite Control

5.99 Month

Team up with your neighbors and save! Schedule termite treatments for multiple homes in your neighborhood and receive a special group discount. Strengthen the protection of your entire community against termites while enjoying cost savings for each participating household.

Seasonal Pest Check-Up for Restaurant Properties

5.99 Month

Stay ahead of seasonal pest challenges with our Seasonal Pest Check-Up. Book a scheduled inspection and treatment at a special rate to address and prevent pest issues unique to each season. Protect your restaurant against changing pest dynamics and maintain a clean and inviting atmosphere for your guests.

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