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List Of Pest Control We Offer In Bangalore

Cockroach Pest Control Services
Termite Control Services
Bed Bugs Treatment
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Honey Bee Removal
Blanket Worm Treatment

There are four primary types of pest control which are used to get rid of the pest.

Chemical Control

The most common way to pest control is spraying chemicals in the infested area at your home. The affected parts are either treated with organic chemicals, or fermented products. Organic insecticides and synthetic insecticides are also used for controlling pests.

Biological Pest Control

In biological pest control, the pests are killed using living organisms like parasites, plant pathogens, and predators. For example, whiteflies are treated with chalcid wasps.

Electronic Pest Control

When electronic gadgets are used to remove the pests, the method is known as electronic pest control. These gadgets target the nervous systems of the pests so that mice, rodents, rats and other insects could be repelled from the place.

Natural Pest Control

One uses the natural products like baking soda, garlic, etc , the ingredients that you find around your home, to make the spray for pest control.

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We mostly use chemical methods for your pest control requirements. These chemicals are not harsh to you and your family or pets. We use them for Cockroach control, Termite treatment, Bed bugs control, Rat Control and many more. Tell us what is bothering you today!

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