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Affordable and Guaranteed Termite Control Services for Your Peace of Mind-Anti Termite Treatment & Termite Pest Control Services In Bangalore

Say Goodbye to Termites – Our Expert Pest Control Team Will Keep Your Property Termite-Free, Saving Of Your Time And Money

Termites Destroy Your Properties. You Can Stop Them With Our Proven Termite Control Solutions

Say Goodbye to Termites – Our Expert Team Will Keep Your Property Termite-Free, Saving Of Your Time And Money

Frustrated With Termite Infestation? We Are The Best Pest Control Service Near You

What We Do

  • Immediate Response to your Call
  • House visit For Free Inspection by Our Trained Personnel
  • Understanding the pest matter and offering the best possible solutions

What Do You Pay

  • Avail single pest control service and pay for it.
  • Opt for multiple services  and pay using combo offers from our packages.
  • Avail custom pest control services with quote. Call Us

What Do You Get

  • Same day Service if you call us before 5 pm.
  • Termite Treatment Service with 6 months guarantee

Why To Call Us

Our Exterminators Are Skilled in Termite Treatment

Soil Treatment

This is a three step process. 1. Dig a trench around the foundation, 2. treat the soil with a termite killing pesticide, 3. Refill the trench. We use this kind of termite treatment to prevent future termite infestations.

Wood Treatment

In this treatment, woods are treated with sprays on the surface, or the sprays are injected in woods. We also use foams, and Borate to treat the wood for termite removal. Borate is used to prevent termite infestations and eliminate any existing termites in homes.

Anti-Termite Treatment

Anti-termite treatment is a chemical method. This method is used during the construction of houses. The Anti-termite treatment is carried out for soil, masonry, wood, and electrical fixtures

Bait Systems

Bait termite treatment is two step process. 1. Install bait stations around the perimeter of your house, and 2. monitor the stations at a set frequency. This method ensures that your home is protected from current and future infestations. This treatment is good to destroy the termite colonies.

Anti-termite treatment of soil is a proactive and essential step in minimizing potential damage caused by termites

Do You Want To Protect Buildings and Structures From Termite Infestation ? Tell Us The Area And We Will Tell You The Anti Termite Treatment Price (Pre-Construction & Post Construction) for Your Building.

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We provide other pest control services as well. Rat Control, Cockroach Control, Bed Bugs Control and many more. To know more, Visit our  homepage

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